Game Design Is Mind Control

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Luke and Jared will speak about IP design and worldbuilding during their brand new talk: Creative Destruction. From worms and mice to pirates and puppets, learn how to get to the heart of a story and turn that atomic element into a game.

Not going to PAXDEV? Stay tuned for details on our PAX PRIME panels.

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We had a fantastic convention, both in sales and fan interaction.

Luke’s panels on “What is Burning Wheel?” and D&D’s early history were well-regarded. Jared’s trio of Parsely events was difficult in that he lost his voice the day before…but was able to pull off a major coup by running the games without saying a word. Read about it here at Gameplaywright.

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SorenCrane will be attending GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis. We’ll have copies of the FreeMarket boxed set as well as new offerings Burning Wheel Gold and Parsely: Blackboard Jungle at Booth #311.

As always, our schedule is full of games and seminars. We invite you to join us!

4:00p – “Dirty Secrets of Game Design” with Luke and Jared
(SEM1120296) at Marriott Indiana Ballroom C

10:00a – “Mouse Guard: New Missions!” with Thor
(RPG1122186) at Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Station A:5

2:00p – “Game Design Is Mind Control” with Luke and Jared
(SEM1120297) at Marriott Indiana Ballroom B

3:00p – “Parsely: Action Castle” with Jared
(SEM1120298) at Marriott Indiana Ballroom E

4:00p – “Mouse Guard: New Missions!” with Luke
(RPG1122187) at Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Station A:5

2:00p – “Parsely: Action Castle II—Return to Action Castle” with Jared
(SEM1120299) at Marriott Indiana Ballroom E

3:00p – “The Mad Taxonomy of Roleplaying Game Design” with Luke
(SEM1120300) at Marriott Indiana Ballroom D

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Three RPGs and two board games vie for hobby gaming’s most exclusive trophy

The committee of the Diana Jones Award is happy to announce the shortlist for its 2011 award. Boiled down from a longlist of 22 nominees, this year the list contains five candidates that in the opinion of the committee exemplify the very best that hobby-gaming has produced in the last twelve months. In alphabetical order, they are:

The winner of the 2011 Award will be announced on Wednesday 3rd August, at the annual Diana Jones Award and Freelancer Party in Indianapolis, the unofficial start of the Gen Con Indy convention.