Daily Archive: August 17, 2018

Dyslexia – Its Symptoms And Learning Techniques

Is your child facing challenges in understanding and differentiating between the words and numbers? Take your child for the counseling session and diagnosis to understand if your child is suffering from dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a mental condition where the child is unable to understand things the way a normal child does. Because it has nothing to do with the intelligence of a child, therefore, most of the time people get confused over dyslexia and delayed development. But, both have major differences and if dyslexia is not attended properly, on time, then the problem could become severe.

How to help your dyslexic child to learn subjects?

When we say that dyslexia child face issue on learning, memorizing and understanding things, then most of us would come to the conclusion that they won’t be able to learn subjects and study as a normal child. But, this is not completely true. A dyslexic child can be a brilliant student as this abnormality has nothing to do with their intelligence. Sometime because of the genetic problem or some other issues children develop this problem, but with the support, love and care of their parents they can overcome the challenges and live a normal life.

For educating dyslexia children books for dyslexic children are now available. These books have been designed to address the problems that these children face and help them to hope of with the same. These books have been designed using the special technique to make the learning interesting and faster for children suffering from dyslexia.

Common symptoms of dyslexia

  • Reading difficult
    Children suffering from dyslexia problem still have normal intelligence and they are able to have a normal life with the support of their parents and proper teaching methods. However, they will always have difficulty in reading.
  • They reach milestones later
    Dyslexic children reach their milestone late. It is not like the normal children. They start walking, talking and riding bicycle later than their mates.
  • Speech delay
    The child with dyslexia takes long time to learn how to speak and they most of them pronounce the word wrong. They find the rhymes challenging and they are unable to differentiate between two words.
  • Slow at learning data
    These children take longer time to learn letters at the school. They even face problems in memorizing the color, month, weeks and arithmetic tables. The decodable books for children suffering from dyslexia help them to learn things faster and even memorize it.
  • Coordination
    These children face issues in coordinating with different senses. Means they are unable to catch the ball because of poor eye and hand synchronization.
  • Left and right
    These children remain confused in “left” and “right.”
  • Reversal
    They reverse letters and numbers without realizing, they are making mistakes.
    The other symptoms of dyslexia include speech problems, concentration span, sequencing ideas, autoimmune conditions.