Daily Archive: October 30, 2018

Three Things To Think About Before You Decide On A Career Path?

If there is anything in life that can influence every single aspect of it, it is the career you choose. For many their career becomes their identity and will be one that helps them afford their lifestyle and gain respect in society. Everyone wants the best career they can therefore it’s not a surprise to see many students try to get into highly lucrative programs such as medicine, law or engineering. However is the best career the right career for you? Maybe not. Here are three things you need to think about before you decide on your career path.

Choose a career that you would love to do

There is no use working in a career that you don’t like. It can make you feel unhappy and discontent. Even more it can affect your relationships and attitude towards not just work but life in general. However if you have a career that you love you would not find it a chore to work, rather it will be an experience you want to have; an activity you would love to be a part of. If you think you would love as a vet then go for it. Choose good vet training courses and do the career you love.

Does the career utilize your skills or talents?

You need to understand what your skills are. Take a moment to assess your skills and talents and choose a career that will make the best use of it. If you are very skilled in communication then consider PR as a career or even Psychology. If you have a talent for Dance, then go to a dance school or Theatre. The thing is your skills and talents should not go to waste. If you choose a career in book keeping when you have excellent communication and empathy skills, while the job might pay you well in the long run, you may find yourself losing interest and moreover you may find it difficult to maintain your skill.

Will you find a job?

The most important question anyone has is this one. Will they even find a job in the first place? You can put thousands of hours into studies, get a First class degree and still not have a job. So first understand if there are any jobs available in the career you are interested in. No cities are alike, and job openings may across them. So think practically, if you don’t want to move and you don’t see any jobs becoming available when you finish your studies then don’t choose that career. Instead see if there is a job with openings available that you might enjoy. Maybe you love working with animals and your city needs more vets, in that case you can go for a veterinary upskill courses instead. In the end it is necessary that you choose the right career path. It is so influential and considering the costs involved, it is better to do some research and choose the right job for you.